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The Birthstone Project

Welcome to The Birthstone Project by Bondeye Jewelry® — where 14k gold jewelry intertwines with the allure of vibrant birthstones. Discover a curated collection of jewelry, ranging from dainty rings to statement earrings, as each piece is meticulously crafted to showcase the unique beauty of you or your loved ones' birthstones. 

February Birthstone / Amethyst

Soothing Amethyst Shield Jollie Necklace Necklaces - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
Jelly Munchkin Studs Earrings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
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Emani Purple Amethyst Ring Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
Berry Twisted Pear Cut Jollie Ring Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
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Amethyst Pear Cut Jollie Necklace Necklaces - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
Jelly Munchkin Gold Movement Bar Earrings Earrings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
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Lavender Green Apple Twisted Pear Jollie Ring Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
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Lavender Shield Jollie Ring Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
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Jelly Munchkin Box Chain Necklace Necklaces - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
The 3 Piece Jollie Set Necklaces - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®

Birthstone Jewelry

Indulge in the captivating world of birthstones, each month adorned with a gemstone that holds unique significance. January's gemstone, garnet, radiates deep red hues symbolizing passion and protection - perfect for celebrating January birthdays. As we transition to February, the mesmerizing amethyst takes center stage, embodying tranquility and balance. Our handcrafted amethyst pieces offer a touch of royalty, making them ideal gifts for those born in this enchanting month. Moving forward, March welcomes the vibrant aquamarine, a gemstone synonymous with serenity and courage. Dive into the calming beauty of aquamarine jewelry, capturing the essence of the ocean. April sparkles with the brilliance of diamonds, symbolizing eternal love and strength. Our diamond jewelry collections showcase exquisite craftsmanship, making them timeless gifts for any occasion. Stay tuned as we guide you through the enchanting journey of gemstones, each representing the unique qualities and characteristics of its corresponding month.

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