The Wedding Day Package Consultation

After our designer and CEO Jess took on the project of a lifetime - designing her future sister-in-law's engagement and wedding rings, and creating custom cufflinks and tuxedo pins for her brother and all his groomsmen - she felt it was only right to share the love with all brides and grooms to be. The Bondeye Jewelry® Wedding Day Package Consultation with Jess is an opportunity to create bespoke pieces for you and your wedding party for your special day.

Diamond V Band Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
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Markle Band Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
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Hailey V Band Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
Wave Ring White Diamonds Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
Popie Ring Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®
Solid Gold Wave Ring Rings - BONDEYE JEWELRY ®